What VPN Tunneling Protocol Enables Forwarding on the Basis of Mac Addressing?

Which of the following is commonly used in VPN tunneling protocols?

The most commonly used tunneling protocols in the VPN industry are PPTP, L2TP/IPSec, SSTP, and OpenVPN and the worlds best VPN services should offer most or all of them.

Which TCP port should be open and accessible to allow remote access VPN utilizing SSTP to function?

SSTP uses TCP port 443 – the same port used by HTTPS traffic. SSTP is often compared to OpenVPN thanks to the high level of security it offers, and the fact that it can bypass NAT firewalls.

What is not a requirement for the use of DirectAccess quizlet?

What is NOT a requirement for the use of DirectAccess? Client computers must be running Windows 10 or later. What will you need to do to ensure that clients receive IPs from the DHCP server on the network? Utilize a DHCP relay agent to forward broadcasts to the client devices.

Which of the following VPN protocols runs over port 1723 allows encryption to Bedone at the data level and allows secure access?

Which of the following VPN protocols runs over port 1723, allows encryption to be done at the data level, and allows secure access? D. PPTP is a VPN protocol that was created by Microsoft and uses port 1723 to encrypt data at the Application level.

Student Resource Glossary

A protocol that transports PPP over a VPN, intranet, or the Internet. L2TP works similarly to PPTP, but unlike PPTP, L2TP uses an additional network communications standard called Layer Two Forwarding that enables forwarding on the basis of MAC addressing.