What is Checkpoint VPN Client Driver

What is Check Point VPN client?

Provide users with secure, seamless remote access to corporate networks and resources when traveling or working remotely. Privacy and integrity of sensitive information is ensured through multifactor authentication, endpoint system compliance scanning and encryption of all transmitted data.

How does Check Point VPN Work?

The remote access clients connect with Security Gateways using Connect mode. During connect mode, the remote user deliberately initiates a VPN link to a specific Security Gateway. Subsequent connections to any host behind other Security Gateways will transparently initiate additional VPN links as required.

How do I disable Check Point VPN client?

Right click the End client padlock in the 'Menu Bar'. From the Drop-down select VPN Options> When the Options popup window opens, Select> the Properties Button> next, Select> Settings tab> Under the Always-Connect section> Un-check the box> Enable Always-Connect!

What type of VPN is Check Point?

The Check Point secured VPN implementation is based on IPSec IP Security. IPSec is a commonly used set of protocols that was developed to support the secure exchange of packets at the IP layer between gateways that are connected over a public network such as the Internet, and to create VPNs.