How to Use Ipvanish VPN

How do I use IPVanish VPN on iPhone?

Open the IPVanish app for iOS and enter your IPVanish username into the Username field.
Enter your IPVanish password into the Password field.
Tap the Log in button to log in to the IPVanish VPN app.

How does IPVanish work on phone?

After you enable IPVanish VPN for iPhone and Android, you ll be connected to a secure server over an anonymous IP address, making any WiFi hotspot safe to use. Not only does your online data pass through an encrypted tunnel, but your true location is also hidden behind an IPVanish anonymous IP.

Is IPVanish a good VPN?

IPVanish VPN offers good value with a robust collection of server locations and excellent customizability. But it's stingy when it comes to extra privacy features, and we'd like to see it undergo a public third-party audit.

How to use IPVanish

Logging into the IPVanish App.
Connecting to an IPVanish VPN server on the Quick Connect Screen.
Selecting a VPN server manually with the Server List Screen.
View Your IPVanish Account Details with the Account Details Screen.
Configuring IPVanish App Settings.

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