How to Use Express VPN with Utorrent

Does uTorrent work with ExpressVPN?

Using ExpressVPN with a torrent client is easy as shown here. The company recommends that you use uTorrent. However, you can use any torrent client that you prefer. In most cases, you do not need to configure any settings in the torrent client.

How do I add ExpressVPN to uTorrent?

Install a torrent client like uTorrent.
Sign up for ExpressVPN via the webpage.
Start ExpressVPN and engage the kill switch.
Pick a nearby server.
Verify your IP address, just in case.
Torrent to your hearts delight.

Should I use a VPN with uTorrent?

Should I use a VPN for uTorrent? Using a VPN while surfing online is something you should consider doing regardless of whether you are downloading torrents or not. When downloading torrents you are obviously even more exposed. So to answer the question, YES, you should definitely use a uTorrent VPN.

Solved: How to Safely Torrent with ExpressVPN

Choose a torrent client. Your computer cannot use torrent files on its own.
Open an ExpressVPN account.
Set up ExpressVPN correctly.
Choose a server to connect to.
Verify your IP address.

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