How to Check VPN Tunnel Status in Juniper Srx

How can I check SRX tunnel status?

Locate the entry for the Remote Address of the VPN in question and verify that the State is UP. The State field shows the status of the Phase 1 SA and will show the state as UP or DOWN.

How do you check tunnel in Juniper?

To view the status of the tunnel via CLI, Telnet/SSH/Console into the Firewall. Once logged in, enter get sa ; and then press [enter]. In the case of multiple VPN Tunnels, search through the Gateway column for the IP address of the Remote Gateway of the tunnel in question.

How do I know if VPN tunnel is running?

Sign in to the Amazon VPC console.
In the navigation pane, under VPN Connections, choose VPN Connections.
Select your VPN connection.
Choose the Tunnel Details view.
Review the Status of your VPN tunnel.
If the tunnel status is UP, choose the Static Routes view.

How can I check my VPN status?

To check your VPN connectivity, simply check the status of your IPv4 address. If it matches the location of your VPN server, it is working. You can check the IP address of the VPN server you are currently connected to by visiting WhatIsMyIP.network.