How to Check VPN Tunnel Status Cisco Asa

How do I check Cisco VPN tunnel status?

From the Wired Client, browse to http://dcloud.cisco.com / to access the Cisco dCloud UI and then log in with your Cisco.com credentials. Use the Bandwidth Test to verify that the port needed for VPN connectivity (TCP 443) is not blocked at your site. From the Wired Client, ping AD1 at 198.18. 133.1.

How do I know if VPN tunnel is running?

Sign in to the Amazon VPC console.
In the navigation pane, under VPN Connections, choose VPN Connections.
Select your VPN connection.
Choose the Tunnel Details view.
Review the Status of your VPN tunnel.
If the tunnel status is UP, choose the Static Routes view.

How do I check my ipsec tunnel status on ASA?

Command – show crypto isakmp sa.
Command – show crypto IPsec sa.
Command – more system:running-config.
Command – show run crypto map.
Command – show crypto ipsec stats.

How can I check my VPN status?

To check your VPN connectivity, simply check the status of your IPv4 address. If it matches the location of your VPN server, it is working. You can check the IP address of the VPN server you are currently connected to by visiting WhatIsMyIP.network.

Cisco ASA troubleshooting commands

To see if the tunnel is up you can use the “show crypto isakmp sa” or “show crypto ipsec sa” command.

Cisco ASA Basic VPN Tunnel Troubleshooting