How to Bypass Qustodio VPN

Is there a way to bypass Qustodio?

If you have installed time limits and downtime, then your kids could bypass it just by changing the time zone in the settings.

Does Qustodio block VPN?

However, we discovered some simple ways to circumnavigate Qustodio's web filter. VPN sites are blocked, but if a child already has a VPN installed on their computer, they will be able to browse freely.

How do I turn off Qustodio VPN on my Iphone?

Go to Settings.
Tap General.
Tap Profiles.
Tap the Qustodio profile.
Tap Remove.
If requested, enter your iOS device unlock code.
Enter the Removal Passcode you've received by email when installing.
That's it! Qustodio has now been uninstalled from your iOS device.

How do you stop Qustodio?

Shut your phone completely off.
Turn it on.
Go immediately to settings.
Scroll down security.
Scroll down to Device Administrators and click on it.
When you see Qustodio, tap the checkmark next to it, that should take it off as an admin, making useless at blocking anything.