Each Type of VPN Service Within Rras can Support up to a Maximum of how Many Connections or Ports?

What is the maximum size of all replicated files allowed within a replication group?

Size of all replicated files on a server: 100 terabytes. Number of replicated files on a volume: 70 million. Maximum file size: 250 gigabytes.

What UDP port is used for IKE traffic from VPN client to server group of answer choices?

Firewalls. IKEv2 uses UDP ports 500 and 4500 for communication.

What routing protocol must be used to support dynamic routing when using Windows Server 2016?

BGP is a dynamic routing protocol, which means that it "learns" the routes between connected sites. To install BGP support in the Windows Server 2016 operating system, you must enable the support for each tenant using the PowerShell EnableRemoteAccessRoutingDomain command.

What type of tunnel is created between the client computer and a DirectAccess server and is used for control of the DirectAccess connection group of answer choices?

Technology. DirectAccess establishes IPsec tunnels from the client to the DirectAccess server, and uses IPv6 to reach intranet resources or other DirectAccess clients. This technology encapsulates the IPv6 traffic over IPv4 to be able to reach the intranet over the Internet, which still (mostly) relies on IPv4 traffic.