Before Ipsec can be Used as a Virtual Private Network (vpn) Service, what Must be Created?

How IPSec VPN works step by step?

Step 1—Determine Interesting Traffic. Data communications covers a wide gamut of topics, sensitivity, and security requirements.
Step 2—IKE Phase One.
Step 3—IKE Phase Two.
Step 4—IPSec Data Transfer.
Step 5—Session Termination.

When configuring an IPSec VPN what is used to define the traffic that is sent through the IPSec tunnel and protected by the IPSec process?

Understanding IKE and IPsec Packet Processing
After the tunnel is established, IPsec protects the traffic sent between the two tunnel endpoints by applying the security parameters defined by the SAs during tunnel setup.

What is used to establish VPN?

Access control lists (ACL) are used to establish policy-based VPNs. When this type of approach is taken, a single tunnel is established between two locations to provide access to resources and to do so in a more controlled way.

When was the first VPN virtual private network created?

When Was VPN Invented and Who Invented VPN Technology? VPN history starts back in 1996, when a Microsoft employee most sources say Gurdeep SinghPall started developing the Peer to Peer Tunneling Protocol PPTP.